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Whether you are siting a new project, building a new project, landscaping or remodeling an existing one, photo renderings are an invaluable illustration and presentation tool. Because most people can't see what your vision is without an illustration in front of them, photo renderings can communicate something that does not exist yet and are a dynamic way to feature a property in a different setting, season or landscape.
Most of the individual building elements had to be photographically replaced. Working from the Landmark guidelines, a similar cornice was found on a neighboring building and photographed and digitally restored. The new clean brick facade, minus the fire escape, was rebuilt using photos of sections of the original wall face together with other photos of similar structures that met the criteria.
Original photo with fire escape and parked mobile office.
Create front facade and
window positions, add cornice.
Add windows, sills and lintels,
and blue sky.
Lighten brick facade and add
weathered shading.
Add window treatments, chimney, reconstruct courtyard and fencing
clean up adjoining buildings
Add blooming cherry tree,
a new front door, column details,
and entrance and interior lighting.